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Take The Monkey And Run

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Author : Laura Morrigan
Category : Fiction
Publisher : Penguin
Published : 2016-07-05
ISBN : 9780698198050
Type : PDF & EPUB
Page : 304
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Reviews book: Grace Wilde must use her psychic abilities to track down a pesky primate in the latest Call of the Wilde Mystery. Grace Wilde is excited to head to New Orleans for her first “real” case as an animal telepath. She intends to help a woman find her missing sister, but when she attempts to communicate with her client’s cat, Coco, Grace gets distracted by the presence of a much wilder animal. Coco confirms that a mysterious monkey has been swinging around the Big Easy. Grace thinks she might be able to help corral the cheeky Capuchin in addition to solving her case. But things get complicated when she receives a cryptic warning that her client isn’t what she seems. Now it’s up to Grace to separate the truth from the monkey business...

Mental Training For Runners

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Author : Jeff Galloway
Category : Sports & Recreation
Publisher : Meyer & Meyer Sport
Published : 2016-03-28
ISBN : 9781782557517
Type : PDF & EPUB
Page : 208
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Reviews book: "I don't have time to run." "The run will hurt or make me tired." "I don't have my running shoes with me." "I've got too much work to do." If you're always looking for any excuse to not go running, this book is for you! Whether you're an athlete or just want to stay fit and exercise, you need to train your mind just as much as you train your body! It's easy to find excuses and stay at home, but with Jeff Galloway's mental training strategies you will find yourself staying motivated and setting and reaching new goals in no time. Jeff will help you break down your challenges into smaller steps so your next goal seems more achievable. You will learn to overcome each challenge and problem and reduce stress. You will be able to go out for your run even on tough days, after an injury or illness, or when your running buddy isn't around. In the end, you will break through barriers and stay in control and at the top. In this book, you will find many useful tips on how to deal with stress. Jeff describes typical everyday situations and how to go out and run even if your brain is making up excuses; he explains drills to help you rehearse a good response to those excuses so that over time you will change your habits; he presents training tools that will lower your stress and help you learn to set realistic goals. In addition, Jeff posits that in order to stay motivated, it is important to have good running technique. A section on better technique will help you run better and achieve your next goal. Finally, Jeff shows how using a journal can benefit your exercise regime and assist you in keeping track of your progress and the highs and lows of your training schedules. Mental Training for Runners will put you on the path to a positive mental environment and will turn your mind, body, and spirit into a powerful team and tool. After reading and learning from this book, there will only ever be one answer to any challenge: "I can do it!"


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Author : Chet Haase
Category : Computers
Publisher : No Starch Press
Published : 2022-07-19
ISBN : 9781718502680
Type : PDF & EPUB
Page : 415
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Reviews book: The fascinating inside story of how the Android operating system came to be. In 2004, Android was two people who wanted to build camera software but couldn't get investors interested. Today, Android is a large team at Google, delivering an operating system (including camera software) to over 3 billion devices worldwide. This is the inside story, told by the people who made it happen. Androids: The Team that Built the Android Operating System is a first-hand chronological account of how the startup began, how the team came together, and how they all built an operating system from the kernel level to its applications and everything in between. It describes the tenuous beginnings of this ambitious project as a tiny startup, then as a small acquisition by Google that took on an industry with strong, entrenched competition. Author Chet Haase joined the Android team at Google in May 2010 and later recorded conversations with team members to preserve the early days of Android's history leading to the launch of 1.0. This engaging and accessible book captures the developers' stories in their own voices to answer the question: How did Android succeed?

A Dictionary Of Confusable Phrases

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Author : Yuri Dolgopolov
Category : Literary Criticism
Publisher : McFarland
Published : 2016-02-01
ISBN : 9780786459957
Type : PDF & EPUB
Page : 403
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Reviews book: Covering over 10,000 idioms and collocations characterized by similarity in their wording or metaphorical idea which do not show corresponding similarity in their meanings, this dictionary presents a unique cross-section of the English language. Though it is designed specifically to assist readers in avoiding the use of inappropriate or erroneous phrases, the book can also be used as a regular phraseological dictionary providing definitions to individual idioms, clichés, and set expressions. Most phrases included in the dictionary are in active current use, making information about their meanings and usage essential to language learners at all levels of proficiency.

Thesaurus Of Traditional English Metaphors

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Author : P.R. Wilkinson
Category : Foreign Language Study
Publisher : Routledge
Published : 2003-09-02
ISBN : 9781134474141
Type : PDF & EPUB
Page : 896
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Reviews book: This fascinating collection of traditional metaphors and figures of speech, groups expressions according to theme. The second edition includes over 1,500 new entries, more information on first known usages, a new introduction and two expanded indexes. It will appeal to those interested in cultural history and the English language.

What I D Say To The Martians

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Author : Jack Handey
Category : Humor
Publisher : Hachette UK
Published : 2008-04-08
ISBN : 9781401395827
Type : PDF & EPUB
Page : 192
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Reviews book: Jack Handey is one of America's favorite humorists, from his New Yorker pieces to his Deep Thoughts books and Saturday Night Live sketches. Now, in What I'd Say to the Martians, Handey regales readers with his incredible wit and wacky musings.

The Magical Pi Ata

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Author : Karen Zacarías
Category : Musicals
Publisher : Dramatic Publishing
Published : 2001
ISBN : 1583420630
Type : PDF & EPUB
Page : 52
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Reviews book:

Cognitive Ethology

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Author : Peter Marler
Category : Psychology
Publisher : Psychology Press
Published : 2013-04-15
ISBN : 9781134990856
Type : PDF & EPUB
Page : 352
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Reviews book: This collection of essays was written by former students, associates, admirers, critics and friends of Donald R. Griffin -- the creator of cognitive ethology. Stimulated by his work, this volume presents ideas and experiments in the field of cognitive ethology -- the exploration of the mental experiences of animals as they behave in their natural environment during the course of their normal lives. Cognitive Ethology discusses the possibility that animals may have abilities to experience, communicate, reason, and plan beyond those usually ascribed to them in a "black box" or "stimulus-response" interpretation of their behavior. Contributions from scientists who have been associated with or influenced by Griffin offer a lively array of views, some disparate from one another and some especially selected to present approaches contrary to his.

Take The Monkeys And Run

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Author : Karen Cantwell
Category : Fiction
Publisher : Karen Cantwell
Published : 2015-03-22
ISBN : 9780986263811
Type : PDF & EPUB
Page : 250
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Reviews book: “This fun if light novel’s quippy, hilarious narrator, Barbara Marr, has so much warmth and genuine gumption, you’d certainly want her on your criminal investigative team.” – Publishers Weekly Semi-Finalist, 2009 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest "Barbara Marr is...perhaps the most hilarious amateur sleuth in literature....Cantwell handles her characters with flair and pizazz...blending page-turning action with those little tender moments that get you right in the gut..." Book 1 in the bestselling Barbara Marr Murder Mystery Series Film lover Barbara Marr is a typical suburban mom living the typical suburban life in her sleepy little town of Rustic Woods, Virginia. Typical, that is until she sets out to find the missing link between a bizarre monkey sighting in her yard and the bone chilling middle-of-the-night fright fest at the strangely vacant house next door. When Barb talks her two friends into some seemingly innocent Charlie’s Angels-like sleuthing, they stumble upon way more than they bargained for and uncover a piece of neighborhood history that certain people would kill to keep on the cutting room floor. 237 pages of laugh-out-loud fun.

Teaching Coding Through Game Creation

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Author : Sarah Kepple
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
Publisher : ABC-CLIO
Published : 2018-08-24
ISBN : 9781440851896
Type : PDF & EPUB
Page : 197
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Reviews book: This engaging guide demonstrates how easy, fun, and rewarding it can be to teach and learn coding at the library. • Helps librarians—even those without prior experience and training—launch highly successful programs in computer coding that engage both traditional literacy and technology literacy • Builds on the library's role as technology hub in the school and/or community • Enables librarians to cultivate practical and valued skills among students and patrons—all while they have fun learning • Offers insight from an instructor who leads coding clubs and classes in multiple libraries